For City Fans

You can easily reach the S-Bahn stations in Bad Schandau or Königsstein by car or with our car shuttle. From here, it's going to Pirna, Dresden and Meißen at 30-minute intervals.
Thus you can reach the capital of Saxony in 40 minutes. By car it takes about the same time to the city centre of Dresden.

Dresden is a must because of its countless and famous attractions such as the Zwinger, the Semper Opera, the Frauenkirche, the Albertinum, the Castle, the Brühlsche Terraces and many more. During World War II, the Altstadt was almost completely destroyed. Now it's dominated by post-war buildings. Beside it, the Neustadt is a colourful picture of different architecture.
For those who prefer to go shopping, Dresden has become the city with the biggest shop floor space per inhabitant in Germany.

Pirna is easily accessible via the B 172 and about 15 km away from Gohrisch. The old town is nearly completely restored and you can go for a stroll through many shops and restaurants,

Meissen, known by the Dom and the porcelain factory is located downriver about 30 minutes behind Dresden. Here is also the centre of the northernmost wine-growing region in Germany. In the wine cellars of Meissen, one usually drinks "Müller-Thorgau".

Prague, also called the "Golden City", need not to be described in detail. Anyone who has been in the capital of the Czech Republic will always like to come back. You can comfortable visit the city with bus from Gohrisch. The journey time is about 2 hours. At our reception you can book the trip, including a city sightseeing tour.

Other cites: Bautzen, Görlitz, Glashütte.