For Culture Seekers

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains and its environment offers, next to the fascinating landscape, an incredible variety of historical places, which are mostly attributed to the Saxonian king August II the Strong.

The "Fortress of Königsstein" has many interesting things to be visited for. For example the military district, the well house, a barrel cellar, casemates and museum facilities. One should plan a little more time for sightseeing.

In the garden of the "Pillnitz Castle", which is attainable via the Elbe steamer, the only outdoor camellia in Europe is growing. Its several 10.000 flowers can be admired it the early spring.

The "Moritzburg Castle", the "Baroque Garden of Großsedlitz", the "Weesenstein Castle" and the "Castle of Stolpen" are more milestones at your culture trip.

For relaxation, you can also visit the "rocky stage" in Rathen, right beneath the Bastei. A special highlight is the performance of the "Freischütz" in the middle of the rock backdrop.