Fortress of Königstein

Festung KoenigsteinThe fortress of Königstein is enthroned like a queen over the high plateaus and valleys of the Saxon Switzerland.

The walled plateau on the mountaintop sent a signal to any invader that the attack was unwinnable.
The own water supply from a deep well and the fight equipment with guns held out every siege.
Due to that, the Saxon rulers showed the whole world of their possession in numerous works of art.
That is why the fortress of Königstein, as a military structure, is the most painted motif of the Saxon Switzerland.
Bernado Bellotto, Adrian Zing, Ludwig Richter and Alexander Thiele are only some of the artists of the 18th and 19th century, which created important graphics and paintings. These paintings and other attractions can be visited in the museum of the fort.
In addition to the exhibitions, a guided tour with a visit to the casemates, the well house, the guns, the barrel cellar and the garrison church completes your adventurous day in the fortress of Königstein.

Neben den Ausstellungen, vervollständigt ein Festungsrundgang mit Besichtigung der Kasematten, dem Brunnenhaus, der Kanonen, dem Fasskeller und der Garnissionskirche Ihren erlebnisreichen Tag in der Festung Königstein.